The Tribe.

She is MADE was created for Black women to find safe spaces to embrace their diversity and heal through art and poetry, for us to show the world all that we are MADE of without apology. Here, we embrace being multifaceted and diverse. We unite in our differences, embrace our journey and use our voices to cultivate change and heal.

 We create strength in numbers by supporting each other. We are inclusive to the LGBTQIA community. We welcome inquisitive minds & allies that believe that Black women deserve better #BlackLivesMatter #SheisMade.

Our Voice. Our Art. Our Power.

Share your Story.

We want to amplify your voices! Send us your writing pose for a chance to be featured in our newsletter, on our MADE to Write blog and across our social media platforms. Whether it is a short story, poem, a testimonial or thoughts you'd like to share with our community.

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“Leonora’s spirit and presence is so penetrating that you can feel her amazing vibes just being around her.  Leonora's passion, creativity and true commitment to embracing, supporting and uplifting others is apparent through She is MADE, her poetry and community leadership events.  Leonora is such an amazing light. Her poetry, podcasts, visuals and community events all showcase just a tiny portion of who I’ve been lucky enough to experience. Her love and passion for women, our people, our history, and our future is undeniable and is expressed in all that she does."

 L. Adia

“Poetry could never be lost when you are reading work like this. The writer was right there with me mentally, I felt her through her words. Her writing style is very relatable, it felt like I knew her personally. She brought me into her life and the world through her creative lens. Many layers are revealed as you journey through chapters of poetry that tell an overarching theme.   If you haven't already, be sure to purchase "MADE." and "Linguistic Gravity". I cant wait for more from her.”

P. Nishan  

“I feel heard. I feel connected. I feel understood when I see the content on She is MADE. Always empowering and self-reflective! Grateful to be following this platform and I always look forward to attending She is MADE events. During She is MADE's last event I was informed on how to become a homeowner, supporting previously incardinated members of communities, policy reform, the importance of voting, and creating generational wealth."

L. Soleil

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