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About The Founder: Who is Leonora ?

Leonora Martelly, Founder of SHE IS MADE LLC

Leonora Martelly is a 4X published author with a background in education, psychology, radio production and mass media.

She has her bachelors in Speech Pathology and Psychology and received her MS in Organizational Leadership and Communication. She has been recognized as a pillar in her community through her philanthropy, leadership within the community, activism and art. She has been awarded 3 years in a row (2019-2022) as a recipient of the Break Through: Women Who Conquer Award, for her "outstanding example as a women who leads by creating a blueprint of success for the young adults in the community" by Martin Van Buren and BTECH High School. She continues to expand her reach through speaking engagements, writing and performing poetry, facilitating workshops, curating events in the realms of mental health, wellness, art and vibes !

She currently manages mentors, teachers, and after-school enrichment programs, for a High School that services people of color. Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Queens Village, Leonora is a creative, a poet who merges her experiences, skill-sets, and passion, to service people through their wellness journey.

In September 2020, Leonora created SHE IS MADE to foster a community around wellness, social justice, and writing. A social based enterprise, seeking to help other people navigate through their wellness journey by connecting their creative passion to their experiences. With a wide range of experience in education, mass media, workshop facilitation, writing, youth development and hosting, Leonora is creatively curating impactful spaces for her #MADETRIBE. 

She describes her facilitation as "deeply transparent, cozy, empowering and good vibes".

The Journey 

Media Candids


“Leonora’s spirit and presence is so penetrating that you can feel her amazing vibes just being around her.  Leonora's passion, creativity and true commitment to embracing, supporting and uplifting others is apparent through She is MADE, her poetry and community leadership events.  Leonora is such an amazing light. Her poetry, podcasts, visuals and community events all showcase just a tiny portion of who I’ve been lucky enough to experience. Her love and passion for women, our people, our history, and our future is undeniable and is expressed in all that she does."

 L. Adia

“Poetry could never be lost when you are reading work like this. The writer was right there with me mentally, I felt her through her words. Her writing style is very relatable, it felt like I knew her personally. She brought me into her life and the world through her creative lens. Many layers are revealed as you journey through chapters of poetry that tell an overarching theme.   If you haven't already, be sure to purchase "MADE." and "Linguistic Gravity". I cant wait for more from her.”

P. Nishan  

“I feel heard. I feel connected. I feel understood when I see the content on She is MADE. Always empowering and self-reflective! Grateful to be following this platform and I always look forward to attending She is MADE events. During She is MADE's last event I was informed on how to become a homeowner, supporting previously incardinated members of communities, policy reform, the importance of voting, and creating generational wealth."

L. Soleil

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