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We are a women's network that find healing in self-love, art and poetry. 


 The Author

As a Black, Caribbean woman, Leonora finds it important that black writers are represented, their experiences are heard and the power in OUR voices are amplified. She is an author of 3 books including:

MADE. (the colored & black/white edition)

Linguistic Gravity: The Special Edition 

Linguistic Gravity: It's Only the Beginning


Leonora is a multi-faceted creative, grounded in wellness, poetry and curating impactful spaces for her community and abroad. Her aim is to not only elevate one's thoughts through the power of her words, but to also help people through their journey of healing. She has been recognized as a pillar in her community, being deep rooted in uplifting, organizing, strategizing, providing resources, curating events and youth development in underserved communities.

Book Reviews

“When I first got this book I didn’t know what to expect. The author even autographed book for me. When I began to read I was surprised at the authors word choice, every poem is different and unique in its own way, she inspired me and I’m not easily moved by others poems. Redemption, page 15 , I think everyone needs to read that."

 L. Leon

"As someone who is NOT a fan of poetry, the author did an amazing job with conveying her thoughts while holding my attention span. The rawness of her words manages to capture her emotions and frustration from a philosophical standpoint, which prompts the reader to sit back and think. In addition, the book is light and convenient enough to carry around for anyone that does in fact enjoy reading poetry. Ms. Martelly is extremely talented, and should definitely go far as a writer."

A. Aida

“On these pages you get a window seat to the authors life. The view is beautiful yet familiar. The author is portraying a shared story in her own light. The genius is how you read her words and tie them to your own story. She narrates your memories and at the same time speaks of her own.”

D. John