The Voice of Women

This is not a small voice you hear!

This is a large voice coming out of these cities.

The voice of a woman!

These are our voices.

Running over waters.

Navigating through the spaces created for us, while breaking boundaries and creating our own. Spilling out on the corners of our cities and boldly living our truths.

This is not a small love you hear!

This is a large love, a passion for kissing our identity in its face and owning our power.

This is a love that crowns the feet with hands, that nourishes, conceives, feels the water sails, mends the children, folds them inside our history where they toast more than the flesh where they suck the bones of the alphabet and spit out closed vowels.

This is not a small voice you hear.

This is a voice that births the nation and then has to fight for equality, as if you’d be here without us.

This is not a small voice you hear.

In fact, this is a voice of war but nurture.

Big voice. Big truths.

Do you hear me now?

10 Voice Projection Positive Affirmations

  1. I speak confidently.

  2. I project my voice.

  3. My voice is powerful and assertive.

  4. I am aware of my voice.

  5. I am focused on developing a great voice.

  6. My vocal projection is strong.

  7. I command respect with my voice.

  8. I project my voice confidently.

  9. I am relaxed yet confident when speaking.

  10. Others look up to me as a powerful speaker.

7 Affirmations To Free Your VOICE

  1. My VOICE is my Power.

  2. I am being sung by source energy.

  3. I expand my energy and let go of judgments.

  4. If I can breath, I can talk, If I can talk I can sing.

  5. My voice is a unique contribution to the world .

  6. My body is open and free to express my voice.

  7. I trust the brilliance that comes through my voice.

Our Voice. Our Art. Our Power.

You deserve to be heard sis!

Your voice & thoughts are important.

Reclaim the power of your VOICE!

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