"The Story Corner" Poetry Features

Some of the poems performed during our Virtual Open Mic Night. Enjoy the read.


Let's Get into some poetry from our #MADETRIBE Headline performers of the evening.You will also find their social media outlets to further connect. The theme of this particular open mic was "The Story Corner" where each performers writing prose and poetry pieces had to tell a story. Take what you need.


Phadia N. Jean-Pierre l IG: @Switch_LLC & @Haitianqueenabroad84

Under the Moon

Ocean clear and blue

Under the moonlight

As the journey just begins

Here She comes out of the ocean

Walking unto the shore

Dressed in all white and pearl beads

Her brown eyes align with the moon

Illuminating her soul

As She dance to the sound of the waves

And to the beat of her drum

With beaded feet

Opening her heart

Allowing herself to feel

And love perfectly by God

Letting her voice rise of it's freedom

Letting her smile warmth her heart

She raises her arms above her head Swinging her hips up and down

Side to side

Singing her tunes

With melody sweeping her away

Dancing with the waves

Writing her story

Hitting each chord

And playing every key, finding her rhythm

Tattooed on a music sheet

To never be forgotten

Singing softly into the sky

Leaving her imprints behind

Under the moon, she lights up

Vibrantly stepping into her own

The earth surrounds her

With her energy flowing

Through her

As she embraces this new beginning

Taking each step toward this journey

Of self-discovery

Because every word is written on this music sheet is her life story waiting to be told

Here she is

Shining within


In tune


With the waves

Letting go of everything that brought her pain and shame

Releasing her pain into the ocean

Grounding herself into earth

Watch her dance her heart away

Opening up her heart to peace

With love surrounding her

And nothing stands against it

And let life flow through you

Even through Fear

To be connected back to your highest self

Waving her heart away to the ocean

Bathing her in purity

With her head held high

Exhaling slowly

And watch how gently it fades


Sitting by the shore

With a blank page in her notebook

Manifesting everything in her

Releasing all the trauma And darkness

Undoing every single belief

Carrying on her heart, mind, spirits, and her highest thoughts

Close your eyes to be drifted away

On a spiritual path

Be gentle and delicate with yourself

in the moment of surrendering

Queen rise up

Bathe in the wave

And wash your scars away

As I love your beauty marks

Under the stars