A Few Reminders

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

To the woman that's MADE.

Every part of your journey -MADE~ you who you are today.

We embrace the ups & downs, as we work towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

However, it isn't always smooth sailing.

Embracing it all as lessons, as a way to heal, isn't easy.

Here are a few reminders to get you through the tough days.

I’m fairly weeding my way through until I reach my destination. I control my thoughts. I have the power to manifest the life that I want to live. The possibilities are limitless. Your limitations don’t breathe air here. Your trauma and drama have nothing to do with me. Your troubles are not mine. I have a divine right to protect my light, my source energy. I’m not a bad person. I just made the conscious decision to choose me first, finally. Saying “No” without explanation feels good. Shedding all external energy that didn’t belong in my internal, felt good. I’m moving in accord to my vibrations and respecting the space in which my spirit lives, my soul inhabits, my heart beats and the essence of me resides. No one else needs to understand. As long as I do. I chose to carry my weight as opposed to the weight of the world on my shoulders. I am a Goddess and God lies within me. I release my negative thoughts; embrace positivity and I embrace optimism. My life is a gift and I am worthy. I will not let fear take control of me. I am bigger than fear. I transform fear into passion and redirect its course. I can and will survive anything life throws at me. I catch it, analyze and assess, and throw it back with ease. I have the strength and courage to get through any situation. I am ready to become the best version of myself. I am becoming and will become. I am in charge of how I feel. Today I am choosing happiness & peace. I will not live my life comparing myself to the storylines presented on social media. I will continue to live my authentic life as my authentic self. It’s just the internet. My life is full of abundance. I am living in abundance. I have more than what I need. I am full. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly. I am increasingly magnetic to health, wealth, abundance, prosperity, and money. This is what I attract and what surrounds me. I dismiss all toxic energy. I invite energy of purpose and light to my higher good, my higher self. I love everything about me. I am loved. I am love. I deserve the love that I put out and want to receive. I am a creative. The content I put out is worth it. My authenticity and transparency do not go unnoticed. My breaks are reboots for my mental, it does not mean that I’m slacking. I will continue to stay true to myself and pave the lane that I want to have walk in. After all, it was already written. God covers me with a veil of protection and a blanket of love. My halo remains steady in a world of horns and false realities. May there be happiness in all. May there be peace in all. May there be completeness in all. May there be success in all.

I am enough!

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